Mechanical Installation of Permeable Pavers
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Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management, Knoxville, TN The first step in developing a site-specific, long-term strategy for managing stormwater in your residential landscaping is gaining a thorough familiarity with the site. It is important to consider water's role in your environment and how it relates to the whole. Determining the current state of your site's stormwater and how it may be improved, then implementing a solution that considers your climate is the next step.

When understanding water flow through your environment, it's also essential to take a bird's eye view. Keep a close eye on your property during a rainstorm, making mental notes on how and where water collects and flows. When it comes to the garden, how do the various surfaces and sections interact with one another? To get the overall picture of your landscape's stormwater design, observe it during a rainstorm.

We at Hickory Hardscapes understand that clients cannot plan their stormwater management, and we step in using our expertise to create the best-planned systems to direct and store stormwater for more sustainable landscapes. During our first meeting, any information you can provide us based on the above points will help us plan the perfect stormwater system for your property. Of course, our team will use their knowledge and conduct a site survey to assess the area and determine the best stormwater management approach.

Stormwater Management Systems

When water can drain away from a building or other structure, it lessens the likelihood of structural damage. Drainage flow wells, retaining walls, downspout connections to pipes, water flow diversion, and rain garden installations are all viable options for managing stormwater runoff. We always adopt a comprehensive approach to stormwater management. In addition to permeable paver installation, we also design and install the following:

  • Underground Drainage - Subsurface drains are an excellent tool for halting soil deterioration. They are helpful in safeguarding grasses and plants that are especially vulnerable to drainage issues. The water is directed into catch basins and the preexisting drain swale.

  • Surface Water Drainage - Surface water drainage systems collect runoff from your deck, patio, paths, and driveways, among other hardscape features, and redirect it away from your home. The catch bins are quite efficient at collecting runoff and channeling it away from the house and into the main drains outside. We also ensure the yard drainage system is linked to an existing drainpipe under the ground. Also, we avoid soil erosion and floods by constructing dry streambeds and swales.

Custom Storm Water Management Installations

When you choose us to build flood and erosion control measures, you can be confident that your property will be safe for the long haul. We design and construct concrete and rock structures and other water management measures to prevent pooling and flooding in your environment.

Stormwater management systems need proper planning, and you also need to install them correctly. Only skilled professionals like us can handle the job to industry standards. If you need stormwater system installation, upgrades, or replacements, please call Hickory Hardscapes at 615-419-2457. You can also drop us a line via this Contact Us form, and one of our team members will call you back soon to discuss your requirements.