Mechanical Installation of Permeable Pavers
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Mechanical Installation

Hickory Hardscapes is one of the leading and most trusted hardscape contractors in the state. Since we started our business operations years ago, we have already gained a loyal client base in Knoxville, Brentwood, Maryville, Cleveland, Loudon, Louisville, Concord, Nashville, Franklin, Lenoir City, Murfreesboro, and other areas in TN. They choose us over other contractors in the area because of our excellent service and use of modern tools and equipment. We are one of the very few companies in TN that can provide mechanical installation of interlocking concrete pavers. With this capability, we can finish large paving projects in residential and commercial properties in no time.

Call 865-675-6900 to learn more about our range of services and the rates that we charge for our mechanical installation services. You can also visit us at our Knoxville office during office hours to discuss the details of your project. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with all your concerns.

Mechanical Installation of Pavers

As mentioned, we are one of the very few hardscaping companies in the state that offer this kind of service. Our mechanical installation ensures fast and accurate placement of each paver unit. In addition, the installation time is cut dramatically and minimal manpower is required. We highly recommend this method for both residential and commercial paving projects. These types of paving equipment are commonly used for big projects, particularly in airports, warehouses and industrial facilities, seaports, and parking areas, so they are proven cost-effective and reliable.

Modern Tools and Specialized Paving Equipment

We at Hickory Hardscapes use modern tools and paving equipment in all of our paving projects. Our paving equipment can lay pavers in a fast and efficient manner, regardless of the pattern or design of the pavers you choose. With these resources, we can complete a large driveway project in a day or two as compared to those that install pavers manually. For business owners, this will also mean minimal business disruptions and lower installation cost.

At Hickory Hardscapes, we choose only reliable equipment from reputable manufacturers. We use Probst paving equipment because of their excellent features and reliable performance. The company specializes in the manufacture of handling equipment used in construction, and known worldwide for its innovative products. Some of the Probst machines that we have include the Ultra Screed Machine and the PaverMax mechanical paver installation system. These two kinds of heavy-duty equipment have been our reliable partners in large paving projects for so many years now. Our screed equipment is capable of spreading and screeding materials at the same time, which makes site preparation easier. It is also capable of handling various construction materials such as sand, chip, rock, and other types of aggregates. Meanwhile, our Pavermax mechanical installation equipment is equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic installation clamp and powered by high-performance engine. It has other great features such as easy maneuverability, reliable paver installation, and 3600 visibility. Our equipment inventory also includes other specialized tools.

Let Hickory Hardscapes handle the installation of interlocking concrete pavers in your property by calling our hotline today. Rest assured that our mechanical installation service will result in outstanding paver features and amenities. With us, there will be no hidden costs - only topnotch service and quality workmanship.

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